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Messerschmitt BF110C-1 ZG26 'Horst Wessel' - Fw. Hermann Brinkmann/Bordfunker Uffz. Erwin Grüschow, Sept 1940

Scale 1:72, Wingspan 225mm

On 11th September 1940, Feldwebel Hermann Brinkmann and his Bordfunker Uffz. Erwin Grüschow of 2 Staffel, ZG26 were assigned as bomber escort for an attack on London. On attempting to start their Bf110 C-3 neither engine would fire and the crew quickly ran to a spare, a very early and somewhat war weary C-1, U8+HL, of 3 Staffel, ZG26.

The mission proceeded and after a ferocious battle with RAF squadrons over the south east of England the Bf110s retreated to the south to await the return of the bombers. During this manoevre one of Brinkmann’s engines seized up and he had to break formation. Despite diving low and heading for France he was spotted and attacked by RAF fighters.

With hits to his other engine Brinkmann had no choice but to put down his stricken aircraft. U8+HL belly landed at Cobham Farm, Charing. Both crew members survived and were taken as POWs. By the end of the action the Luftwaffe had lost 25 aircraft (5 Bf110Cs from ZG26) with 60 aircrew killed or captured, whilst the RAF lost 29 fighters with 17 pilots killed.

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