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  1. Flying Wings And Radical Things

    John K. "Jack" Northrop and the company he founded in 1939, Northrop Aircraft, Inc., will be forever linked with the giant futuristic Flying Wings of the 1940s. 


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  2. Air Power in the Falklands Conflict: An Operational Insight by John Shields

    Using recently released primary source material, John Shields, a RAF officer who served in the Falklands as an air defence navigator, has taken an impartial look at the Falklands air campaign. He provides detailed analysis of the operational level of the air war, and offers lessons learned from 1982 that do have important and continued relevance today.

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  3. Military Aircraft Markings 2021

    First published in the 1970s, Military Aircraft Markings has become an indispensable annual publication for aircraft enthusiasts, historians and students of military aviation.

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  4. Harrier: How to Be A Fighter Pilot By Commander P Tremelling

    Paul Tremelling spent nearly twenty years with the Royal Navy's Sea Harriers, charged with standing in the way of Her Majesty's enemies.

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  5. Blade Slap: A Year With The RAF Chinook Display Team

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to fly the RAF’s tandem-rotor heavy-lift helicopter? Ever thought about the amount of work that goes into preparing for the annual airshow display season? Throughout 2018, author and photographer Tom Mercer had unprecedented access to the UK Chinook Force and for the first time ever will take you behind the scenes of the Royal Air Force Chinook Display Team. Read all about the work that goes into the display work-up, the all-important Public Display Approval and key moments from across one of the team’s busiest ever airshow seasons. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll get to see what daily life entails on an operational RAF squadron. A project of this size has never been attempted with a frontline asset before, but thanks to the Royal Air Force, Joint Helicopter Command and RAF Odiham, Tom has been able to capture an insight into the RAF’s centenary year in all its glory. 

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  6. Typhoon By Mike Sutton

    The Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 is the most advanced multi-role combat aircraft in the world.

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  7. Special Forces Pilot: A Flying Memoir of the Falkland War By Colonel Richard Hutchings

    As a Commando helicopter pilot, the author served with 846 Naval Air Squadron in the Falklands War and was decorated for gallantry (DSC).

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  8. Harrier 809 By Rowland White

    Narrating the incredible exploits of this powerful aircraft and the men who flew it in battle, Harrier 809 tells a thrilling true story of courage and resourcefulness in the heart of the Falklands War.

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  9. Aircraft Carriers World's Greatest Of 100 Years

    On 9 May 1912 the first airplane take-off from a ship was made from the deck of the HMS Hibernia. In July 1918, seven Sopwith Camels launched from the converted battlecruiser HMS Furious damaged the German airbase at Tønder and destroyed two zeppelins. The age of the carrier was born.

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  10. Rise And Defend

    Taken over by the United States Air Force in 1950 as a direct result of the developing chill of the Cold War, the ex-RAF station at Manston in Kent served as a forward air base from which American aircraft could be rapidly deployed to meet the threat of incoming Soviet bombers, with an intercept area well away from the UK mainland. 

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  11. Aviation Classics British Cold War Stories Bookazine

    Within this volume you will find a collection of real-life stories concerning incidents, accidents, events, decisions, mistakes, oddities, arguments and above all beautiful British aircraft from the cold war period. Each of the 17 pieces comes with a guarantee of painstaking research carried out by some of the finest aviation historians working around the world today.

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  12. RAF Aircraft of The Battle of Britain By Lee Chapman

    This book features a brief history of all the front-line RAF fighter aircraft that were involved in the famous battle and explores some of the major training and support aeroplanes that contributed to the iconic events. The story is told using over 150 photographs of surviving and restored aircraft in the air, on the ground and in unique formations together.

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