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  1. D-Day Bombers: The Veterans' Story by Steve Darlow

    D-Day Bombers: The Veterans' Story is largely an eyewitness account of the vital heavy bomber contribution to the success of the D-Day landings and therefore to the winning of the war in Europe. It is told using considerable first-hand experience from the veterans of the campaign, something not really covered in any other books on the subject, together with background information from primary source documents on the tactics and strategy employed before, during and after the invasion.

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  2. Haynes D-Day Operations Manual

    The landing of Allied forces on the shores of Normandy on 6 June 1944 was the greatest amphibious invasion in history.

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  3. Spitfire Ace of Aces by Dilip Sarkar

    Johnnie Johnson is a character literally straight out of the pages of ' Boys Own'. By the end of the Second World War the RAF Spitfire pilot was a household name in Britain, feted by Churchill and Eisenhower. Although he missed the Battle of Britain, when slow- flying bombers were abundant and easy targets for fighters, by 1945 he had notched up 381/2 enemy 'kills' - all fighters, which took far more skill to shoot down - and was officially the RAF's top-scoring fighter ace.

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