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  1. The Few Who Flew - RAF National Service Pilots by Michael Naseby

    The Few Who Flew is an evocative memoir written by one of the last young men to train as a RAF pilot, gaining his 'Wings' in April 1957 just days before the end of National Service.

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  2. Wrecks & Relics 28th Edition By Ken Ellis

    Now remarkably in its 28th edition, ever since it was first published in the 1960s every edition of Wrecks & Relics has been eagerly sought after by aviation enthusiasts, restorers and curators alike. It is renowned as the go-to source charting the highlights, changes and trends in the preservation of the aviation heritage of the British Isles. With in-depth coverage of more than 700 locations across the UK and Ireland, it charts over 5,000 aircraft including their potted histories, build and arrival dates.

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  3. Flying up the Edgware Road by Mark Amies

    Flying up the Edgware Road tells the story of how an area of what is now north-west London became a hub of the British aircraft industry in the very early years of the twentieth century.

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