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Mosquito. The very name says it all: home in on your target at speed – often undetected – sting hard, turn around and scarper, outwitting the enemy's attempts to swipe you out of the sky by virtue of your speed and manoeuvrability. If ever an aircraft was aptly named, it is the de Havilland DH 98 Mosquito.

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Nicknamed the ‘wooden wonder’ , the de Havilland Mosquito was one of the most versatile and successful combat aircraft of the Second World War. Offering insights into the design, construction and operational career of the iconic Mossie, this manual gets under the aircraft’s birch and balsa skin to examine its anatomy and describe the painstaking restoration to flight by Avspecs (New Zealand) of Jerry Yagen’s FB26 KA114 and of Victoria Air Maintenance’s B35 VR796 in British Columbia, Canada.

In the new Haynes de Havilland Mosquito Manual authors Jonathan Falconer and Brian Rivas open the hangar doors to examine the Mossie in close-up. They review its development and construction, and recount its impressive career in war and peace, before lifting the inspection panels to look under the skin of the ‘Wooden Wonder’. . More...

•One of the most versatile and successful combat aircraft of WW2.
•Includes painstaking restoration to flight of Mosquitos KA114 & of VR796.
•A unique insight into the construction and anatomy of the Mossie.
•With detailed photographs and technical drawings.
•Stunning air-to-air photography of restored Mossies.
•Details of famous WW2 operations including audacious low-level strikes.

Hardcover: 160 pages

Language: English.

Product Code: 5651
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Product Code 5651
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