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  1. A Passion for Speed By Paul Smiddy

    A story of a charismatic woman who defied the conventions of her time, and loved living life in the fast lane.

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  2. Aircraft Carriers World's Greatest Of 100 Years

    On 9 May 1912 the first airplane take-off from a ship was made from the deck of the HMS Hibernia. In July 1918, seven Sopwith Camels launched from the converted battlecruiser HMS Furious damaged the German airbase at Tønder and destroyed two zeppelins. The age of the carrier was born.

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  3. The Flying Sikh Hardit Singh Malik WWI Fighter Pilot By Stephen Barker

    The Flying Sikh tells the unique story of the only Sikh airman to fly with the RFC and the RAF during the First World War.

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  4. East Riding Airfields 1915-1920

    Even before the outbreak of the first World War, aviation had made its presence felt in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with visits from many of the leading aviation pioneers including Gustav Hamel and Harry Hawker. 

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  5. The History of Aviation: A Century of Powered Flight Day by Day

    The dream of flight is as old as civilization itself. Examples from ancient Chinese and Greek literature and from Native and South American legend tell of flying warriors, priests and prisoners. Later, in the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci drew more than 100 sketches related to human flight, designing a parachute, a hang glider and a four-man helicopter.

    Format - Paperback

    160 pages

    Language - English.

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  6. Women In the First World War - Shire Library

    The First World War brought about dramatic changes in the role of women in British society. Suffragettes gave up their militant protests to support the war effort, and from the moment war broke out women were ready to help.

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  7. Magnificent Women And Flying Machines by Sally Smith

    'This lovely book offers a welcome and enjoyable read and provides a timely testament for these unsung pioneers of aviation.'

    Maggie Appleton MBE, Chief Executive Officer, RAF Museum

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  8. How To Fly a Plane

    The training aid for many a pilot from one of the leading instructors of the First World War. There are 160 pages with many illustrations of leading aircraft of the period. 

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  9. Poems Of The Great War

    Published to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of Armistice, this collection is intended to be an introduction to the great wealth of First World War Poetry. The sequence of poems is random - making it ideal for dipping into - and drawn from a number of sources, mixing both well-known and less familiar poetry.

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