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  1. Gloster Gladiator with Skis FI 19 Die Cast Model

    This Gloster Gladiator bi-plane fighter commemorates an aircraft that was part of the Swedish Volunteer reserve force that joined the Finnish Air Force in November 1939 following an attack on the country by the Soviet Union. Although Sweden was a neutral country, its government were aware that if the Russians overtook Finland, Sweden was next in line. 

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  2. Churchill Tank MKIII Kingforce 1:76 Die Cast Model

    A great addition to the Oxford Military series is this World War II Churchill tank Mk III, which entered service in late 1942.  Named after the great statesman himself who had encouraged the development of the tank after World War I, the Churchill tank was an infantry tank designed by Harland and Wolff and manufactured in the early stages  by Vauxhall Motors. Between 1941 when the first Churchill tank Mk I emerged and 1944 with the Mk VIII, around 7368 had been produced across all types, 675 of which were Churchill Mk III.

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