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  1. The Daily Telegraph Airmen's Orbituaries Book 3

    Air Commodore Graham Pitchfork, has compiled ninety-one obituaries of outstanding aviators.

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  2. The Few Who Flew - RAF National Service Pilots by Michael Naseby

    The Few Who Flew is an evocative memoir written by one of the last young men to train as a RAF pilot, gaining his 'Wings' in April 1957 just days before the end of National Service.

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  3. Wing Leader Johnnie Johnson

    The thrilling story of the top-scoring Allied fighter pilot of the 2nd World War 'Johnnie' Johnson, who served with Fighter Command squadrons throughout the war, scoring his 38th and final victory in September 1944.

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  4. Guy Gibson Flying Log Book - Hardback Replica

    Faithful reproduction of Guy Gibson's Flying Log Book, which covers the period of 15th November 1940 through to 16th September 1944. This iconic document features his flight mission for 16th/17th May 1943, the legendary 'Operation Chastise', which has gone down in history as the Dambusters Raid. Gibson led 617 Squadron on the raid and for his actions received the Victoria Cross.

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  5. Spitfire 1939 Sales Brochure Facsimile
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    A facsimile of a Supermarine Spitfire 1939 export sales brochure, originally produced to sell Spitfires to the French. Complete with diagrams, photographs and particulars, this beautiful booklet is a must for any Spitfire fan.

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