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  1. A Passion for Speed By Paul Smiddy

    A story of a charismatic woman who defied the conventions of her time, and loved living life in the fast lane.

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  2. The Flying Sikh Hardit Singh Malik WWI Fighter Pilot By Stephen Barker

    The Flying Sikh tells the unique story of the only Sikh airman to fly with the RFC and the RAF during the First World War.

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  3. Churchill's Few by John Willis

    Eighty years after the Battle of Britain this vivid and dramatic book tells the story, in their own words, of six brave young men who fought courageously in the skies above England to prevent Hitler's invasion of Britain.

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  4. Spitfire Ace of Aces by Dilip Sarkar

    Johnnie Johnson is a character literally straight out of the pages of ' Boys Own'. By the end of the Second World War the RAF Spitfire pilot was a household name in Britain, feted by Churchill and Eisenhower. Although he missed the Battle of Britain, when slow- flying bombers were abundant and easy targets for fighters, by 1945 he had notched up 381/2 enemy 'kills' - all fighters, which took far more skill to shoot down - and was officially the RAF's top-scoring fighter ace.

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    Faithful reproduction of Guy Gibson's Flying Log Book, which covers the period of 15th November 1940 through to 16th September 1944. This iconic document features his flight mission for 16th/17th May 1943, the legendary 'Operation Chastise', which has gone down in history as the Dambusters Raid. Gibson led 617 Squadron on the raid and for his actions received the Victoria Cross.

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  6. Spitfire A Test Pilot's Story by Jeffrey Quill

    This is the story of an exceptional test pilot and RAF and Fleet Air Arm pilot, Jeffrey Quill, who took charge of some of the most important military aircraft of his time.

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  7. Fighter Ace - Extraordinary Life Douglas Bader by Dilip Sarkar

    The story of Douglas Bader, the RAF fighter pilot who shot down twenty enemy fighters during the Second World War despite having lost both his legs, defies fiction.

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  8. Shark Squadron Pilot

    A graphic illustration of the realities of the air war in the Western Desert, Shark Squadron Pilot describes Bert Horden’s service with 112 ‘Shark’ Squadron and the ground attack role of the ‘Kittys’. 

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  9. Full Circle

    The long way home from Canada The final book of the trilogy. Ulrich is back in custody and describes life behind barbed wire culminating in his fifth and final bid to get back to Germany.

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  10. Spitfire 1939 Sales Brochure Facsimile
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    A facsimile of a Supermarine Spitfire 1939 export sales brochure, originally produced to sell Spitfires to the French. Complete with diagrams, photographs and particulars, this beautiful booklet is a must for any Spitfire fan.

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