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  1. Cold War Replica Pack

    This bundle of replica documents helps bring to life the era of the Cold War. With items such as a Telegram documenting a high level missing person and leaflets targeting the public such as "Survival might depend on Civil Defence" and "Mass Resistance"; this collection demonstrates the real fear faced by the general public during the Cold War.


    • Fascinating replicas of press releases, brochures, leaflets and images relating to the Cold War
    • Includes: "The Hydrogen Bomb" a 31 page booklet produced by the Home Office
    • The Evening Standard from October 23rd 1962 including an article titled "Kennedy's Proof"
    • A leaflet of Civil Defence map symbols
    • "The latest 'Gen' on guided missiles" booklet.
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  2. RAF at War Facsimile Pack

    A fascinating collection of facsimiles including an RAF pass, a Christmas 1943 menu, a 'taking off' booklet, instructions in case of capture booklet, RAF clothing ration ticket, various cards, a combat report and the September 1944 edition of 'air mail', a magazine aimed at RAF personnel throughout the world.

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  3. Children's War Replica Pack

    Contains: Children's newspaper, Boys Own magazine, Evacuation poster, information leaflet, school essay, variety of paperwork, food recipes, and miscellaneous images.

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  4. Wartime Cookery Booklet 1940

    This helpful War-Time Cookery booklet explains the best way to save food and fuel during the Second World War when there was rationing on most essential and luxury items. A useful and informative resource.

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  5. Dad's Army Mug - Don't Panic

    This Dad's Army - Don't Panic! Coffee / Tea Mug comes nicely presented in a gift box.

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  6. Ration Emergency Coffee Mug

    For those of us who really can’t do without our coffee to keep us going through the day. This retro design has been inspired by the Ministry of Food rationing of WW2. 

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  7. Dad's Army Wash Bag - Drill Kit

    This Dad's Army themed washbag comes in a camo print with badges and a label reading "Washing Drill Kitbag". Pack up your troubles in this old kit wash bag and smile, smile, smile to the bathroom!

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  8. Ration Clotted Cream Fudge Box

    Clotted Cream Fudge Ration Box 170g.

    Indulgent clotted cream fudge presented in gift packaging inspired by the ration books of WW2.

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  9. Ration Milk Chocolate Bar

    Luxury Milk Chocolate Bar 100g.

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  10. Ration Clotted Cream Fudge Bar

    Ration Clotted Cream Fudge Bar 100g.

    Smooth soft fudge with a tasty rich, creamy flavour.

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  11. World War I Trench Whistle

    A reproduction of a World War I trench whistle made from metal with the date 1916 stamped on it. 

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